Know More about Data Quality Assessment

How good the quality of enterprise data? Answering this question requires data that can be used quality metrics.

Today, most measures of data quality that is developed on an ad hoc basis to solve specific problems, and the basic principles required to develop metrics can be used in practice less. If you want to know more about data quality and data audit then you can check out this source: Data Audit – Marketsoft

In this article, we describe the principles can help organizations develop a data quality metric that can be used.

Studies have confirmed the quality of the data is a multi-dimensional concept. Companies must deal with both the subjective perception of the individuals involved with the data and objective measurement based on a set of data questions.

Subjective data quality assessment reflects the needs and experiences of stakeholders: collectors, guards, and consumer data products.

Data Audit

If stakeholders assess the quality of bad data, their behavior will be affected by this assessment. One can use a questionnaire to gauge stakeholder perceptions of data quality dimensions.

Many healthcare, finance companies, and consumer products have used one of these questionnaires, developed to assess the quality of data contained dimensions.

Major US banks were given a questionnaire found the guard (mostly professional MIS) see their data as very timely, but the consumer does not agree, and consumer data to see the data as it is difficult to manipulate for their business goal, but the keeper does not agree.

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