Tips to Make Magnetic Tape Wallets

Creating a magnetic wallet is a simple task if you’ve got that creativity and patience in you. A magnetic tape wallet is a kind of wallet that no one will ever see or hear. This would make a perfect gift for someone if you want to astonish people with this new wallet.

If you have a tape that can be parted with its magnetic tape guts and some other things like a screwdriver, wire cutters and rubber band that are the most common things that anyone would have with them, you can easily make a wonderful magnetic tape wallet within much time.

Tips to Make Magnetic Tape Wallets

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Here are the secrets of making a magnetic tape wallet that you will love to keep

If you have a tape with you, you have to take a magnetic tape by removing the screws on the tape, reels and other parts of the tape.

Using wire cutters, you have to take each part protrudes present in the recording that can inhibit the street when storing cash and other items in the wallet. Close the tape in a way so that all joints and edges of the ribbons meet.

After placing the tape on a flat surface in such a way that it rests on a wider lengthwise edge with the side up that is used to read by the machine, you should carve a hole out of it lengthwise using the wire cutters so that the hole appears in the two halves of your tape.

The size of the hole should be that small that is enough to hold a rubber band that will be explained in next to no time. Now, tape out the tape and put them on the two sides of the hole in such a way that it appears to form a hinge.