Types of Pallet Racks Should Certain Businesses Adopt

Efficient and cost-effective inventory management is an important part of running a successful business. One way of optimizing inventory management is by using pallet racks. A pallet is a flat carrying structure that holds the item in a secure and durable manner as it is being lifted for transport.

It also allows for safe and efficient storage of items and makes moving the items easy. Businesses have a variety of options when it comes to selecting a particular type of pallet racks allowing them to find one that meets their business needs.

When a business selects a pallet rack system, they have to determine how the racks will be utilized. That is, what types of items will be stored and the type of warehouse space. You may purchase the pallets that canĀ improve warehouse efficiency by visiting https://www.cooperagepallets.com.au/pallets/export-pallets/.

Types of pallet racks include:

Block: Also known as a ‘four-way’ pallet, block pallets are strong and durable. This type of pallet makes use of perpendicular as well as parallel stringers to make handling and transporting more efficient. A pallet-jack lifts it from four directions.

Stringer: Often referred to as ‘two-way’ pallets, given that a pallet-jack only lifts it from two directions instead of four. This type of pallet utilizes a frame of three parallel pieces of wood known as ‘stringers.’ The top deck boards are then fastened to the stringers to make the pallet assembly.

Perimeter Base: This type of pallet allows a pallet-jack to lift it from all directions as its base is omnidirectional. It allows a pallet to be turned to rack it.

Firmer pallets are sturdier and are handled more easily by mechanized equipment. Two-way pallets are normally used if one does not have to lift the pallet from its four sides. The second row of pallets is situated behind the first row of pallets. This is a good choice if one has a large quantity of one particular type of item.

‘Push-Back’ pallet racks are another type of pallet rack system. Slide pallets will slide back on sliding carts or rails which gives one the ability to retrieve items easily and quickly from a back row. As well, there are ‘Stacking’ pallet racking systems that are stacked on one another which permit more items to be moved with fewer moving trips.

There are also pallet racks that give one the ability to modify the shelf dimensions to suit the storage space and there are heavy-duty industrial pallet racking systems that are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions.