How To Bring Innovative Assessment In School Curriculum?

It is time to bring some innovation in our education system to shape future leaders can and create responsible citizens of society. Instead of following the practices developed decades ago, it is time to bring about change and overhaul of the education system. Instead of assessing the ability of the students in the test, we need to come up with new and innovative evaluation  measures. It is need of the hour to create the tools and resources that can groom tutor and make them an inspiration for others.


More and more schools are taking help of tools integrated into the school curriculum because they make the learning process easier for children. The thematic workbooks, workshops, seminars, and laboratory innovations in school that the school reflects efforts made to improve the children’s learning experience. However, the education system as a whole we need some innovation for the advancement of children.

Here is a look at the innovation needed in our educational system:

1. Keeping up with developments

Just like other fields, even in education, schools and teachers need to remain updated with the current happenings in the industry. They need to constantly learn new things. Only when you are a good learner, you will be able to become a good teacher. First, we need to be a student of the experts to make our students proficient learners.

2. Stay informed

To create a comprehensive curriculum, academics need to be good. Only when you get well, you will be able to plan an effective curriculum that recognizes the needs of students. What you see, what you read, who you met, what you feel, everything will impact the experience of the curriculum.

3. Embrace technology

By embracing technologies that we do not mean to teach computers to students. You have to live with the technology to adopt changes in the education system is driven by technology. Classes, conferences, workshops, and online innovation laboratory in the school’s all part of the life receive and technology.

4. Get inspiration to others

Institutions collaborate with each other for seminars and workshops but finally discuss what they do and how they do it. Need of the hour who get inspiration from others and positive sucking them in your academic system.

5. A better way of ratings

It has been said many times that the test is taken at a certain time point can not be the size of a person’s intelligence. Academics should stop relying on test scores to determine the calibre of the students. The knowledge that achieving students can not be put into numbers. Every student is different and has a keen interest in different subjects. A student who scores in the subject A can print brilliant in subject B.