In the Footsteps of Jesus – Exploring Israel’s Christian Heritage

Did you start out on a quest, only to find yourself in a completely different direction? Oh, well, I’m not the only one of it. This blog started pretty straight forward; I think I’m going to tell you all about the great Christian sites in northern Israel only. What I do not know when I started, is that it will take a turn to discover some lesser known Christian sites throughout Israel.┬áIf you are looking for best christian tours of Israel, then you can opt for the web.

Chances are you’ll start every Christian pilgrimage in the Holy Land in Jerusalem, home to the very famous church of the Holy Sepulcher. But, have you ever considered stopping at Dominus Flevit Church?

Have you ever heard of it? Located on the Mount of Olives, this Franciscan church built on the site where Jesus’ weeping over Jerusalem “- according to the Gospel of Luke; and it’s the reason why the church is built to look like a teardrop.

A gem like this is not limited to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Over in Abu Ghosh, an Arab village, Church of Notre Dam de Larche de l’Alliance is said to have placed the Ark for two decades. Although technically not a Christian site, the city is making the cut for the 12th century church of his Crusaders constructed.

Religious men and women do not just build churches, they build monasteries as well. March Saba Monastery have been out here in the Judean Desert for more than 15 centuries; and where men are welcome to view the interior of St Saba Church (where the saint himself was buried), and women are welcome at the Tower Woman.