Virtual Private Network And Network Connections

A virtual private network is a technology that produces a secure and encrypted link in excess of a less protected network, for instance, the internet. VPN is identified as the method which helps in extending a private network by the use of the public network.

There are various academies or organizations such as that offer VPN services and allows individuals to know more about it in deep.


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There is also a need for various network connections along with some other factors that help in making the connectivity between the source and destination. And they are as follows:


In the IT sector, the network is a sequence of nodes that are interconnected via communication procession. Networks also encompassed of sub-networks.

Local Area Network (LAN):

LAN is a cluster of connected devices that distribute a communication channel. In general, those connected devices split the resources of a single processor surrounded by a small geographic area. LAN are able to serve not less than two or three users.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):

MAN is a set of connections that connects users with computer possessions in a larger area that is covered by the network of LAN but lesser than the region enclosed by WAN.

Network Backbone:

A backbone is a well-built broadcast line that bears information that is collected from the smaller lines that are interconnected with it.


In a network, a node is described as a connection point for distribution and transmitting the data. Generally, the programming of the node is designed with the capability to recognize and process it further for transmissions to another node.