Hotels in San Francisco and Where You Can Stay

Planning a visit to San Francisco, a city with a fascinating mix of old and new influences? Here, iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf exist nearby more modern amenities such as the Moscone Convention Center, making the city a tourist and financial capital on the West Coast of America.

The city’s dynamic contrasts even extend to the diverse lifestyles of its residents, making this city a truly exciting destination. However, before you can soak in the city’s numerous sights and sounds, it is important that you look for motels in San Francisco¬†that will afford you maximum convenience at a cost that fits your budget.

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I shall thus offer the following tips and advice to help you acquaint yourself with the accommodation that can be found in different downtown areas of San Francisco.

A diverse range of accommodation to choose from

In San Francisco, it is not unusual to observe a wide range of starkly-contrasting accommodation that provides guests with different levels of luxury and an eclectic mixture of experiences. For instance, you can choose from boutique hotels or budget lodgings with quaint Victorian architecture, or opt for more conventional contemporary hotels.

When it comes to budget, you can also pick from small, independent hotel chains and guesthouses on one end of the spectrum, or 5-star hotels and beautifully-restored historical buildings on the other end.

The deluxe hotels offer the ultimate luxury experience with attractive inclusions such as spacious suites and in-room spa services and are generally clustered near San Francisco’s city center, which is where the cultural and business districts such as Union Square are located