The Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Do I suffer from the silent killer? This is a question that is very scary that all women need to ask themselves at one point in their life.

The reason why it’s called the silent killer because you do not get to know that the cancer cells, have multiplied normal in your ovaries to spread around the body only at a later stage that you know that you have been a victim, scary is not, however, you need not get disappointed. ¬†You can also know more about who can file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit online.

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There are many symptoms that can be identified to help prevent it from advancing to the next stage, more deadly.

This of ovarian cancer can be cured if caught in the early stage. So, if you are one of 55 women in the United States, showed symptoms of ovarian cancer, in particular, make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

First of all, you must remember that the early symptoms are silent; you have to be aware of your body and these signs because they will not manifest themselves in the real displays of pain. Thus you must stay “in touch” with what your body is telling you.

You must go and see a doctor as soon as you notice something unusual. Ovarian cancer has a better chance (70-80% chance) to be cured by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, if caught early.

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