What Adhesive Should be Used To Glue Neodymium Magnets?

Neodymium magnets are powerful magnets used in many different applications. Most magnets purchased from stock are nickel-plated. Nickel is an excellent choice to protect the magnet as it is very resistant to attack by corrosives.

Unfortunately, the same great properties of nickel that make it ideal to protect the magnet make it difficult for adhesives to form a chemical bond to adhere to the substrate.

In addition, the process of plating with nickel creates a surface that is extremely smooth and hard, further reducing the ability of the adhesive to create a satisfactory bond to the metal.

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When using neodymium magnet stock, the type of glue that actually worked is very limited. The best option is a two-part epoxy adhesive. This glue is mixed before use; create its own chemical reactions to comply with the magnet to another object.

Before attempting to glue stock Neodymium magnet, users should take the time to prepare the surface to interact with glue and create the best bond. Start by cleaning and degreasing the surface of the nickel plating. This will require the use of an industrial solvent degreaser.

Household detergents and cleaners alcohol do not have the power to effectively clean and prepare it for gluing magnets. After the grease is removed, use 200-grit emery cloth to scrape the surface. The goal is to create a surface with enough texture for the glue to grip and without breaking through nickel, which will allow the magnet to corrode.

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