What is Ayahuasca? How it is Made?

The original inhabitants of the Amazon have been consuming ayahuasca as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. Anthropologists and scientists have been able to determine when humans first started making ayahuasca, but the evidence points to use as far as 1000 AD.

When consumed, ayahuasca produces profound psychedelic effects that lasted over eight hours. Traditionally, ayahuasca is used by native individuals to treat physical ailments and removing parasites – mental, physical, and spiritual. It is also used in witchcraft.

Modern search now also use ayahuasca to treat/cure mental illness and nurture spiritual growth. You can browse the internet to know about the Ecuador ayahuasca retreat.

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Ayahuasca is composed of Banisteriopsis caapi vine brewed together with DMT containing plants, most often Psychotria Viridis. B. caapi contains MAOI wine that slows the way the body metabolizes DMT in P. Viridis enables DMT to be active.

Certain plants are used to make a drink that varies depending on the shaman producing it. However, it always comprises an MAOI and almost always contains DMT. Some herbalists also use Peganum harmala, not caapi and mimosa hostilis.

Some herbalists do make ayahuasca brews with Nicotiana rustica, a strong tobacco plant, but this is less common.

The effects of ayahuasca weight vary from beverage to brew based on experience shaman manufacturers and the potential of individual plants used.