Overview On CCTV Surveillance And Security

What do you understand by CCTV mean? It stands for Closed Circuit Tele-Vision.

Having said that, what most people understand by CCTV is much wider than CCTV would actually imply. Commercial CCTV┬ásystem begins just as you would expect – some kind of camera is connected to a television screen or monitor.

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Early systems may not even include the ability to record what is happening – just simply capture an image in one location and display the contents on display elsewhere.

How things have changed! Clearly commercial CCTV surveillance system was more advanced than this for many years but now we have the ability to install and utilize sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems in our homes and offices with greatly reduced costs and increased facility.

It is still possible and sometimes there is a small requirement just to have a camera that is connected to┬ámonitor situated in a different location – namely the inclusion of ‘simple telephone system.

There are no requirements for records – you just want to know who is at your front door – so you have a camera and monitor. Yet today, most systems can be connected – through a computer system – to provide a low-cost system with a wealth of additional facilities.