Truvada with TDF vs. Truvada with TAF

TDF is a commonly used HIV treatment agent and was approved in 2001. Although TDF is successful, there are reduced bone mineral density and nephrotoxicity among the harmful side effects.

Persons and family members of persons who have suffered from Truvada side effects may consult with Truvada attorneys.

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TDF, a prodrug, is supplied into the body and then metabolized into the active substance tenofovir. The medicine must pass for plasma through a patient’s body, and eventually the HIV virus cell.

TDF has a half-life of around 20 to 30 seconds after reaching the plasma before being metabolized in tenofovir. TAF is new drugs formula HIV Gilead Sciences concentrates within cells of the immune system.

This prodrug has a significantly longer half-life (90 minutes) TDF after entering the plasma. A means a half-life longer than the drug has more time to enter the HIV-infected target cell.

This results in much higher concentrations of active tenofovir in the intracellular and significantly reduces concentrations of extracellular.

TAF has also been shown in clinical trials to recent not cause reduction of bone mineral density or nephrotoxicity.

A study has shown that drugs have TAF 90% lower tenofovir circulating plasma concentration compared to TDF. This results in a lower risk of kidney health problems.

Different brands of a combination of drugs that have been previously combined with TDF are being re-released as medicaments TAF.

The main difference between the two HIV therapy drugs is that TDF is much more prone to tenofovir plasma, which can lead to severe problems of safety.

The Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Do I suffer from the silent killer? This is a question that is very scary that all women need to ask themselves at one point in their life.

The reason why it’s called the silent killer because you do not get to know that the cancer cells, have multiplied normal in your ovaries to spread around the body only at a later stage that you know that you have been a victim, scary is not, however, you need not get disappointed. ¬†You can also know more about who can file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit online.

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There are many symptoms that can be identified to help prevent it from advancing to the next stage, more deadly.

This of ovarian cancer can be cured if caught in the early stage. So, if you are one of 55 women in the United States, showed symptoms of ovarian cancer, in particular, make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

First of all, you must remember that the early symptoms are silent; you have to be aware of your body and these signs because they will not manifest themselves in the real displays of pain. Thus you must stay “in touch” with what your body is telling you.

You must go and see a doctor as soon as you notice something unusual. Ovarian cancer has a better chance (70-80% chance) to be cured by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, if caught early.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Truvada Lawsuit Attorney?

Lawsuits have been filed by people who use Truvada or other HIV drugs. Complainants must show they suffered severe side effects or diagnosed with bone fractures, osteoporosis, kidney failure, and other diseases directly related to Gilead Sciences’ drug Truvada. You can hire best truvada kidney attorney at

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Personal injury lawyers usually require a contingency fee to handle the case. Such costs depend recover damages for their clients injured.

In most cases, depending on the status of contingency fee cases when a lawyer who obtained compensation for his clients. Contingency fees are usually calculated as a percentage of the entire settlement costs and vary depending on the expertise of lawyers and how much time and resources he put into this case.

For example, personal injury cases such as this will require a diverse team of doctors and legal minds to prepare cases properly plaintiff; This will require a lot of money so that contingency fees would be calculated at a higher rate.

Several lawsuits Truvada came to Gilead Sciences for their involvement. They refused to release valuable information and improve their medication (TAF), which can save lives. Gilead Sciences chose to let the man die so they can make some extra money.

Both cases are special. However, to get anything for them, patients need the best legal representation.