Introduction To Strata Management

Strata management is a specialist area of property management that involves the daily operation and management of the jointly owned property and consists of units, common areas and public facilities. With the introduction of freehold property ownership and a large mixed-use project, it is necessary to consider the need for effective operation and management of these projects.

A balanced and strategic approach to the management and operation is very important to ensure harmony and a sense of community for owners, residents, commercial operators, the larger community and visitors alike. You can also browse online websites like to get more details about the strata management.

Successful management of these developments will require the establishment of a strata title system to provide a framework for ownership, and guidelines for managing the development by multiple users and owners.

Across the world there are many jurisdictions where the concept of property jointly owned adopted; in this type of scheme property owners automatically become a member of an Owners’ or Community Association. 

This association eventually bears joint responsibility for the maintenance and management of common areas such as lobbies and corridors, and recreation facilities such as swimming pools together and a fitness facility. They are also responsible for running the administrative and financial aspects of the property.

It is the role of the appointed Strata Manager to work with the Association of Owners and every elected Board of Management to successfully control, manage, maintain and manage the property and to create an environment that is harmonious and pleasant community.