What Is Security Networks?

Confidentiality, integrity and authentication / accessibility are the main technical field of computer security. The important thing about access control and non-repudiation is that security practitioners are concerned.

Access control applies not only to the principle that users should access only the resources and services to which they are entitled, but also to the fact that access to the resources they reasonably demand cannot be denied to them.

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The definition of computer security is very broad in addition to the technical aspects. Ground computer security from areas such as ethics and risk analysis and its key subjects are computer crime (attempting to prevent, track and resolve attacks) and cyberspace identity / anonymity.

Although the most important thing when it comes to computer security in general is confidentiality, honesty and authenticity, for the everyday internet, privacy is the most important thing, because many people think they have nothing to hide or the information they offer does not seem relevant when they sign up with internet service / site.

But remember that, on the Internet, information is easily shared between companies and small pieces of related information from different sources can be connected together to form something that is much more complex about a person.

Therefore, the ability to maintain control over what information is gathered about them at this time is very important, who can use it and how it can be used.

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